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Are migraines curable?

Expert:   Audrey Halpern, MD, PC, Executive Director, Manhattan Center for Headache & Neurology »

Unfortunately, there is no cure for migraine. But the condition is treatable. Watch this to find out how to prevent and manage attacks.

Transcript: Unfortunately, there is NO cure for migraine. It’s a very complicated neurological disorder caused by a combination of genetic abnormalities, interactions between the brainstem and a major nerve, AND the levels of an important brain chemicals, called serotonin, CGRP and others, which affect blood vessel dilation and cause inflammation. There is a chance that you can OUTGROW migraines. Prepubescent boys get migraine AS often as their female counterparts. BUT once they leave behind adolescence, THEIR migraines diminish as well And since fluctuating hormones are a migraine trigger, women often find that migraine frequency tapers off, or stops completely, after menopause. For both men and women, attacks tend to dwindle with age. By 60 to 70, they become quite rare. But you don’t have to wait for these headaches to go away on their own. There ARE several treatments that can greatly minimize the RECURRENCE, duration or severity of your attacks. They include MEDICATIONS, such as triptans, and antidepressants, VITAMINS, such as B2, BOTOX injections and, RARELY, surgeries. You and your doctor can work out a treatment plan that is best for you. More »

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