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Are there any home remedies for migraines?

Expert:   Joshua Cohen, M.D., M.P.H. , St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center »

If only curing a migraine were as easy as whipping up a home remedy. Well, it may be. Watch this to learn more!

Transcript: Your FEROCIOUS migraine headache pain feels like it’ll never end, but it IS possible to GET SOME RELIEF using home remedies. First, lie down in a dark, quiet room. Try to get some sleep. During a migraine attack, light and sound may make the pain worse. Apply a heat or ice pack to your head. The heat RELAXES tense muscles, while the cold may numb the pain and constrict throbbing blood vessels a bit. Finally, try massaging your scalp, temples, shoulder and neck. It’ll ease muscle tension. If these quick techniques don’t work, you CAN check out one of the several herbs and supplements that have successfully eased headaches for many people with migraine. BUT, it’s important to know that researchers have yet to decisively prove that these work CONSISTENTLY. And you should always check with your doctor, to make sure they won’t adversely interact with any other medications you are taking. One herb that many people say can prevent an attack is butterbur. It should NEVER be taken if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, but recent research shows that it DOES decrease migraine pain. However, as with all herbal remedies, there are possible side effects, including increasing liver enzyme levels. To make sure it is safe for you, check with your doctor before taking butterbur. Another more natural remedy is riboflavin, also known as Vitamin B2. High doses of this vitamin may help correct TINY deficiencies in the brain. Once again, some, not all, researchers say that it works. Both Conenzyme Q10 and magnesium supplements have been used, with some success, to relieve the severity, frequency AND duration of migraine attacks. BUT more research needs to be done here. Ask your doctor BEFORE trying out any of these herbs or supplements. Nothing comes without possible complications! More »

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