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Can rheumatoid arthritis go into remission?

Expert:   Kenya Beard , ACNP-BC, Hunter College »

No medication can offer a cure for your RA, but many have successfully helped patients go into remission. Find out what will help.

Transcript: Remission IS within reach if you have rheumatoid arthritis, but it DOESN’T come without hard work. If you treat your RA within two years of diagnosis, you have a 50 PERCENT chance at remission. Even if you treat within 5 years, remission is STILL possible. A landmark study called TEMPO, or Trial of Etanercept and Methotrexate with Radiographic Patient Outcomes, indicated that the combination of the traditional disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug, or DMARD, called methotrexate and a biologic called etanercept may offer remission to as many as 40 PERCENT of patients , even if treatment isn’t started within two years of diagnosis. What are the signs of remission? Well, the American College of Rheumatology says: There should be no more than one swollen or tender joint, a blood test should find little or no blood markers of inflammation, such as CRP or rheumatoid factor. And you assess your own pain level as a “1” or less on a scale from 1 to 10. Once a healthcare provider says you have achieved remission, your treatment is NOT OVER. RA symptoms will likely return if you STOP taking your medication. To find out more about how to live better with RA, watch the other videos in this series. More »

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