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Fibromyalgia 101


Do rheumatologists treat FM?

Expert:   Betty Keller, MD, FACR, Board Certified Internal Medicine & Rheumatology »

Curious as to whether or not a rheumatologist can treat fibromyalgia symptoms? Watch this to find out.

Transcript: You may see a rheumatologist – that’s a specialist who diagnoses and treats arthritis, and other diseases of the joints, muscles, tendons and bones. These doctors have a lot of experience treating chronic pain, including pain associated with fibromyalgia.Ultimately, your best treatment may come from working with a TEAM of doctors with different specialties. You may need doctors who focus on pain management, nerve disease, joint problems AND those who deal with psychological issues. And they should all communicate with each other about your condition. Although it can be a lot of work to coordinate your care between various doctors, it is worth the effort. Careful management and timely treatment can ease and control pain and fatigue and help restore your quality of life. More »

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