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How common are migraines in children?

Expert:   Lawrence C. Newman, MD, Director, The Headache Institute, Roosevelt Hospital Center »

School-age children and teens cope with excruciating migraine attacks more often than you would like. Which age group do they occur in most? Watch this.

Transcript: Migraines in children are more common than you'd think. According to research, 10 percent of school-aged children in the United States regularly experience migraine headaches, with 20 percent of them having the first attack before their fifth birthday. If you've ever had a migraine, you know how excruciating it can be. Now imagine having that pain as a 5 year old! Not only does a child have no idea what that pounding pain is, but they usually aren't able to explain it - which is why many childhood migraines go undiagnosed. What we do know about childhood migraine is that boys are more apt to experience the pain than girls-at least until girls near puberty. Even though migraines become more painful and more frequent--as often as three times a week--for all kids as they get older, it's teenage girls who have to endure them the most frequently. The girls also find migraines persist as they get older, often in sync with their menstrual cycle. Boys on the other hand, often outgrow migraines a few years after puberty. For more information on how to deal with migraines in your kids check out other videos in this series. More »

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