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How do I tell someone I'm dating about my FM?

Expert:   Betty Keller, MD, FACR, Board Certified Internal Medicine & Rheumatology »

If you're dating someone new, you're probably wondering how and when to say, "I have fibromyalglia." Watch this to learn more.

Transcript: If you’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you know it can be a lot to manage. But when it comes to opening up about your diagnosis to someone you’re dating, well, that can be even trickier to handle. One way to figure out WHAT to say and WHEN to say it is to ask yourself what YOU would like to know about your date. Do you want to know NOW if he or she has any health issues or are you glad to wait and see what develops. Use that as a guide to figuring out what to say about having fibromyalgia. If it IS important TO YOU to know if your date is living with a chronic health condition, then you may want to reveal YOUR fibromyalgia on date two or three. You can explain any physical limitations and get a better understanding of how this person will respond to your condition moving forward. But if you’re NOT particularly concerned about your date’s health, then wait to discuss YOUR fibromyalgia diagnosis. During that waiting period , keep in mind that your symptoms may become a concern for the other person, especially if they cause you to break plans, leave you exhausted, agitated or in pain. Now, as for WHAT to tell them. You may need discuss how severe your symptoms can be and what they are, but always explain that fibromyalgia is a manageable condition, with no additional health risks-- and it is not contagious. And remember, it’s ALWAYS up to YOU to decide if you want to talk about your fibromyalgia. More »

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