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How do I travel with biologic medications?

Expert:   Betty Keller, MD, FACR, Board Certified Internal Medicine & Rheumatology »

Traveling with biologic injections is tiresome, but not impossible. Watch this for advice on bringing biologic medications onto a plane.

Transcript: You CAN take your biologic injections with you on your tropical vacation; you just have to take a FEW extra steps to make your trip go smoothly AND safely. The FIRST thing you should do is acquire a travel cooler, since your medication has to stay below 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Many stores and websites sell them, BUT you can probably get one for FREE from the pharmaceutical company that makes your drug. Give them a call to find out. Stock the cooler with ice packs, a thermometer, Ziploc bags in case you need ice, and, of course, your medication. Bring along a MINI sharps container as well; you can find ones that fit in the cooler. If you’re taking a road trip or taking the train, use the thermometer to make sure your cooler remains cold. If you’re FLYING to your destination, carry your medications, do not check them. When you reach security checkpoints, ask them to VISUALLY inspect your medication instead of putting it through the X-ray machine. To expedite the process, provide a signed letter from your doctor that DETAILS your need for the injections. They may require you dispose of the ice packs, but when you get through, you can purchase new ones, or get ice from a dining establishment. They are REQUIRED to let you through with your medically required MEDICATION; it might help to have a hard copy of TSA regulations on hand if they give you trouble. Once you board the plane, you can ask the flight attendants to put your medication in their refrigerator, if it’s a long flight. Make sure your hotel room is equipped with a REFRIGERATOR upon your arrival. Store your medication there for the rest of your trip and have A GREAT time! More »

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