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RA 101


How old are people when they develop rheumatoid arthritis?

Expert:   Linda Russell, MD, Hospital for Special Surgery »

You can't change your birthday, which is why it's unfortunate that age is a significant risk factor in the case of rheumatoid arthritis. Check out this video to learn who is most susceptible.

Transcript: Rheumatoid arthritis can appear at ANY age. While most cases of this autoimmune condition develop between the ages of 30 and 60, people in their late teens and twenties can develop rheumatoid arthritis as well. When the condition occurs in those 16 or younger, it is known as JUVENILE idiopathic arthritis. Women develop rheumatoid arthritis more OFTEN and EARLIER than men do. Regardless of when RA develops, it’s important to get early treatment to prevent joint damage. For more information on rheumatoid arthritis, look for other videos in this series. More »

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