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Daily Life and RA


Is there something that can help me drive better with RA?

Expert:   Kenya Beard , ACNP-BC, Hunter College »

Getting into your car requires a lot of maneuvering these days. Find out what can help you get in and drive easier.

Transcript: You probably have a lot to get done around town! But since cars can be problematic for people with RA, you should get your hands on assistive devices. First, add a WIDE key turner to your small keys—it’ll make it easier to turn the ignition. Some key turners have handles. You may need help getting into your car. If your car doesn’t have it already, add a running board to the side so your step inside is smaller and manageable. There’s also a swivel seat that helps you slide into the car with ease. Some even come with handles. A beaded seat cover helps if you just need a “rolling” motion to get in and out. More »

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