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What are the most common migraine symptoms?

Expert:   Lawrence C. Newman, MD, Director, The Headache Institute, Roosevelt Hospital Center »

Each and every migraineur experiences their symptoms differently. But, there are some common threads. Play this video to get answers to your symptom questions.

Transcript: Migraine symptoms can range from SUBLTE to severe, and they may appear as warning signs that an attack is coming, OR they may not show up until your head pain begins. Those symptoms that WARN you an attack is coming may include odd shifts in mood and behavior—you MIGHT get depressed, grumpy, a touch manic—or you may find you crave certain foods, develop diarrhea or constipation, or simply get sleepy. Some folks experience what is called an aura—a neurological alteration that produces visual disturbances, blind spots, and even hallucinations. And then there are the symptoms that APPEAR when the headache itself begins. You may feel a STRONG, throbbing pain on one or both sides of your head that gets worse when you move, are around light, noise, or even food smells. And you may feel nausea, light and sound sensitivity, and vertigo. Migraine symptoms are very individual, but whatever ones you have, make sure you tell your doctor about them. That’s how you can work together to find the BEST treatment options to prevent or control your symptoms. More »

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