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What happens if I miss a dose of my biologic medication?

Expert:   Betty Keller, MD, FACR, Board Certified Internal Medicine & Rheumatology »

Did you skip a dose of your biologic medication? Watch this to find out if it's abd to miss a dose of your biologic injection.

Transcript: If you miss a dose of your biologic medication, don’t worry too much – but DO take it as soon as you remember. Your rheumatoid arthritis WON’T flare up right away, but it could if you wait too long. Then take your next dose as usual after that. But never double up a dose, call your doctor instead to talk about timing. If you miss an INFUSION appointment, try to make another appointment as soon as you can. Biologics leave your bloodstream if you wait too long between doses, so you SHOULDN’T miss more than one injection or infusion; doing so MAY lead to the return of your joint pain. However, there may be times you INTENTIONALLY stop taking your biologic medication, either because you caught an infection and have to go on antibiotics, or because you’ve decided to leave the medication at home while traveling. If you DO choose to go off your biologic for whatever reason, you may need to cope with returning joint pain, stiffness and fatigue. You also should discuss the optimal time to RESTART your biologics with your doctor. More »

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