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What is a migraine aura?

Expert:   Lawrence C. Newman, MD, Director, The Headache Institute, Roosevelt Hospital Center »

Your vision is blurry, you're seeing white lights--you're hitting the aura phase of your migraine. Watch this video and get the details on migraine aura.

Transcript: Aura is the SECOND phase of a migraine attack. This may sound familiar if you’ve heard of Serene Branson, the TV reporter who started speaking nonsensical words on-air. She was being hit by the aura phase of her impending migraine. However, her symptoms were a little unusual—most COMMONLY, the aura phase involves VISUAL disturbances such as blurred vision, blind spots, flashing or bright lights, geometrical lines and shapes in your visual field, and hallucinations. These symptoms can start from 15 minutes to one hour before a migraine fully comes on. And, Branson is in the minority—only one in five people with migraine experience the aura phase. More »

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