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What's the difference between RA and psoriatic arthritis?

Expert:   Kenya Beard , ACNP-BC, Hunter College »

Psoriatic arthritis only occurs in people with psoriasis-- and that's not the only difference between it and RA. Learn more!

Transcript: Like rheumatoid arthritis, PSORIATIC arthritis is an autoimmune condition. In fact, they’re both treated with some of the SAME prescription medications. But, psoriatic arthritis occurs in about 5% of people with PSORIASIS, a skin condition that causes patchy rashes and itching. People with psoriatic arthritis can develop BOTH this rash and joint pain, often at the same time. They also experience finger and toe swelling, known as dactylitis—this is a symptom NOT present in people with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. More »

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