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Diet and RA


Which foods should I avoid with rheumatoid arthritis?

Expert:   Kenya Beard , ACNP-BC, Hunter College »

Some doctors recommend avoiding certain foods. Find out the details!

Transcript: So far, researchers HAVEN’T found concrete evidence that a specific type of food NEGATIVELY impacts rheumatoid arthritis. But many people HAVE reported that certain foods make their symptoms worse, and some PRELIMINARY studies support their claim. One study, conducted at the University of Oslo in Norway, found that—at least in test tubes—the proteins found in cow’s milk, cereal, hen’s eggs, codfish and pork sparked the antibodies that cause rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. To find out whether or not certain foods trigger inflammation in YOUR joints, try an elimination diet—AFTER you get your healthcare provider’s permission. Start a strict diet of FRUITS, vegetables, meat and FISH. Record how you feel on this diet, and then add back things like milk and wheat and see how they affect your symptoms. More »

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