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Migraine 101


Who gets migraines?

Expert:   Lawrence C. Newman, MD, Director, The Headache Institute, Roosevelt Hospital Center »

Migraines strike millions of people around the world, but certain groups are affected more than others. Want to know if you're high risk? Watch this.

Transcript: Migraine headaches affect every kind of person, of every age, all over the world. In fact, more than 10 percent of the WORLD’s population experience them! And of the 36 million AMERICANS who have this neurological disorder, 10 percent are school-aged children, while the rest are people of all ages, from adolescents to the ELDERLY. Migraines are a BIT more prevalent in boys than girls, UNTIL puberty hits. There are THREE times as many ADULT women sufferers than men. A woman’s fluctuating hormones MAY be behind this statistic—SIXTY percent of women connect the timing of their attacks to their menstrual cycles. Besides being female, there are other SIGNIFICANT risk factors that make you more SUSCEPTIBLE to migraine headaches. A VERY important risk factor is your FAMILY TREE. Up to 90 PERCENT of people with migraines have a family history of attacks, so if a parent OR OTHER FAMILY MEMBER has them, you may as well. While migraine attacks can come at any age, they usually start in youth or adolescence and by 40 years old, most people have had their FIRST migraine attack. Your risk of developing migraine DROPS after the age of 60. And often, attacks gradually lessen in severity and frequency with age. Migraine is a painful and DISABLING disorder. The World Health Organization lists it as one of the 20 most debilitating illnesses on the planet, but current therapies make it possible not only to treat migraines, but to prevent them--transforming the lives of people who get these headaches. More »

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